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Waiting for baby (Nursery)

we’ve got the baby room decorated, clothes washed and hung, car seat ready by the door (ok, in the closet by the door), newborn diapers in the cupboard.
you may think i’m crazy, but i’ve changed the decor / blankets on our baby room for each child.  in my defense, this is our fourth house and fifth child, but honestly, it’s something that i really enjoy dreaming about – much more pleasant to dwell on than childbirth 

little miss gerber, we’re ready and waiting!



wall color – benjamin moore white whisp
hanging baby cradle – kindekeklein (we used this for wren as well, and it did seem to help her self soothe and sleep better)
eucalyptus tree – fast growing trees

everything else is either something we’ve had for quite awhile, or made ourselves – clint has been a patient man


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