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Once a brown-eyed homeschool girl fell in love with an incredibly handsome and hunky blue-eyed sign maker; they got married and the rest is history.

Now here I am, grown up, (kinda) a homeschool mama, aspiring (semi-retired) photographer, feeding the family baker, attempting to be organic gardner, got to try it DIY-er, lover of Scandinavian design, obviously a tad bit ADD, and this is my blog.

I live up a long lane in rural Indiana, have a wonderful husband named Clint and four great kids.  I love to dream.  (And a good cup or two of coffee)

Clint and I spent a lot of 2013-2014 building our current home.  Clint was the general contractor, I was the designer, critiquer, sometimes amish hauler, and all around go-fer girl.  This was a very tiring learning experience, but looking back on it we’re very grateful for God’s grace and the support of our family.