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A few updates (favorite product shout out)

When we finished our basement, the beanbag chairs that had been in the office migrated down to the movie area, leaving me with no where to sit during school. (insert sad face)

After spending way too much time looking around, measuring, stepping off, printing off pictures, changing my mind…… I realized that the style of chairs I was typically drawn to were mid-century modern or vintage pieces.  A quick look online showed me that a vintage piece was out of our price range.

Enter Etsy (I love that site)

I emailed Jesse at Third Life Designs an image of the vintage chair that I liked, and he was able to customize his current design and built them for me;  how about awesome!  I am in love with our new space, and the chairs are very comfortable as well, which had been Clint’s main concern.

Yup, this is where you can find me on a typical morning, sipping coffee and doing devotions…..just lovely!




Moving on……I’d been hoping / saving to replace some ikea jute rugs that were falling apart, and came across Sisal Rugs.  After ordering far too many samples, (you may have noticed by this point that I can make simple decisions way to difficult ) I fell in love with their Mahal Jutte.  It was so much softer and less messy than the other jute rugs that I had come across.  Add on the option of being able to custom size the rug and add a stain protecter, and I was sold.


and a quick shout out to my wonderful husband, owner of Baller Signs, for all the little projects he helps me with.

Case in point, paint mask for our laundry baskets.  No more excuses that “I don’t know where it goes….”  I love you babe!


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